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Need a space to work? It is not always easy to find a small room to build an office. To exploit the smallest square meter, it is sometimes possible to transform a closet into an office area. Here are some ideas...

Arrange an office area in a closet

Arrange an office area in a closet

When a large closet becomes an office area

To can set up a desk area in a cupboard, you still need a closet, a closet or a closet quite wide and tall. This small space which can be in a living room, a room or under a staircase is often a badly tidy place, a tote or an unused space. In fact, you can install a private corner by creating a mini desk-secretary that can be hidden from the eyes of all, in case of need.

In this small office space, we find the inevitable shelves which will be used to store filing cabinets and other essentials. As far as color is concerned, everything is allowed, from classic white to more intense and intense touches of color. We can then disseminate some personal notes (photo frames, postcards...) to feel perfectly at ease.

An office area in a closet has other interesting aspects. Indeed, this office space goes completely unnoticed and we saves a few square meters in the room. You can install a small folding table or not, a chair or better a stool to save space, not to mention the inevitable small lamp and laptop, and voila, the office is arranged!

Transform a cupboard under a staircase

A closet under a staircase can be perfect for a small office. This often forgotten and unused corner sometimes enjoys a very appreciable surface and has the added advantage of being generally away, so it can easily isolate itself. It can be placed low furniture that will be easily placed at the lowest part under the steps. The ideal would be to opt for furniture with wheels, for their practical side.

As for the decor of the walls, we can easily install small shelves without forgetting the elements and decorative accessories. You can create shelves yourself by using plywood boards for example. Or, there are shelves or shelves easily in the trade (kit or ready to be installed).

Whether under a staircase or elsewhere, it is essential to multiply storage spaces so as not to be invaded: plan a place for everything. The office area can then be isolated with a blind, a sliding door or a curtain so as not to encroach on the adjacent room and thus become a private and intimate place.

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