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The kitchen is the heart of the house. This is where we gather around a meal to share with other family members. Hence the importance of creating a dining area adapted to the configuration of your kitchen and the lifestyle of your family. Whatever the type of your kitchen, discover the best solution for your situation.

Provide a dining area in a kitchen

Provide a dining area in a kitchen

Why create a dining area in a kitchen?

Long considered to be a purely functional room, the kitchen occupies today a central place in your home. This is where meals are prepared, where you tell your day and where you share a glass of wine. The dining area adds even more warmth and friendliness since it offers the possibility of sharing a breakfast or a meal with the other members of the family. The dining area is also very convenient because it allows you to have everything at your fingertips unlike the dining room where you have to carry glasses, cutlery, plates and dishes.

Small or big kitchen?

Whatever the style and dimensions of your kitchen, know that there are solutions adapted to each situation and that it is perfectly possible to install a dining area in all types of kitchen. In a small kitchen where space is sorely lacking, we must focus on the functional aspect and think of furniture that folds or stows when it is not needed.
Remember to hang on the wall a liftable shelf or opt for a foldable worktop. Also choose models of stackable chairs or stools that slide under a worktop for example. For a bigger kitchen, it is then possible to install a more or less large table depending on the size of the room. From the little bistro table to the large rectangular table to the central island with built-in table, you're spoiled for choice.

Dining area and open kitchen

Big trend of the moment, the open kitchen also offers the possibility of creating a dining area. Fall in love with the bar furniture that separates the kitchen from the living room and allows you to have your meals there. Some worktops or islands are also equipped with a counter, perfect for sliding high stools. Some kitchens completely open to the living encroach on the dining room which also serves as a daily dining area. The most important thing is to create a functional space where it is pleasant to eat.

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