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We do not always have the chance to enjoy a large space at home, especially when we live in the city. Want to create a dining area in a small living room? Just optimize the layout using different tips.

Create a dining area in a small living room

Create a dining area in a small living room

How to create a small space?

For really small spaces, the retractable table will be your ally! This extendable table will be able, outside meals, to transform itself into decorative console in a matter of seconds, thus freeing the entire space. It's the combination of practice and beauty for your home! There are models that, once folded, become a office in a homeworking spirit.

There are standard models, but to create a dining area in a small living room you can use a design of custom table made by a cabinetmaker carpenter.

The round table, a must!

A small round table allows to facilitate the circulation in a small living room. It can be equipped with a central extension for the days when you receive your friends or family. You also find round tables with flaps on the sides, in a rustic style. And opt for stools, rather than chairs: slid under the table stools or benches will save you some space.

Create a welcoming atmosphere

To create a dining area in a small living room, you can choose a table with sliding tray or a trundle coffee table which offers significant space savings. It will also be a comfortable and friendly place, to take aperitifs with family or friends. A sofa glued to the wall, in one corner of the room, furnished with colorful cushions with a dim lamp, and the warm side will be guaranteed.

Dining area: opt for multi-function furniture

The solution of furniture bar combines both storage and table. Everything will be at hand for the meal. of the stackable stools offer a practical base and will take up little space once stored.

Do not forget the storage:

Once you have created a dining area in a small living room, you have to think about storage. Give preference to the use of wall space by installing cupboards, shelves and other suspensions that save space on the floor. Most furniture is now equipped with interior tips that optimize storage like lockers, compartments with spices...

Appliances are of course essential! Fridge, sink, hob, oven, and even dishwasher, everything will be recessed. A shelf fixed on the workplan may for example accommodate the microwave, while leaving a storage space below.

You have little space in your living room but you dream of a warm and welcoming interior. With some tips it is quite possible. Do not hesitate any more, your ideas only need to be realized!

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