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With its soft curves, the English-style garden is an invitation to linger. It is a romantic garden where nature expresses (almost) freely its opulence. But make no mistake, under its free looks, the English garden is composed with the rigor of a masterpiece.

The English garden is a picturesque garden

The apparent freedom of the English garden is often opposed to the strict geometry of the classical French garden. This garden has its origin in England of the early eighteenth century. It marks the birth of the landscaping profession.
To create an English garden is to compose a picturesque landscape in the first sense of this word, that is to say a landscape so harmonious that a painter would wish to paint it. It is to deal with nature leaving her free to express all her opulence. So an old gnarled tree will be highlighted rather than uprooted. And if it forces a winding driveway around it, it's even better!
The English garden is a romantic garden which only reveals itself if you let your senses speak, that if you take the time to discover it... But it also asks for a regular maintenance to be on top!
Compose an English garden is an art. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a landscaper or a nurseryman who will advise you.

Design an English style garden

If it gives pride of place to the freedom of nature, the English style garden is nevertheless an idealized reconstitution of it. To design your English garden, while adapting to the size of your garden, you must:

  • Imitating nature: Trees and shrubs grow freely without severe size except hedgerows.
  • Draw alleys sinuous, irregular: They are lined with cobblestones and delimit flower beds or they allow to stroll between the trees.
  • Plant a beautiful lawn: It is very thick, very green and perfectly mowed. But at the turn of an alley, a wilder corner will bring a little poetry. Always choose a lawn suitable for your soil (ryegrass, fescue, etc.).
  • Arrange your flowerbeds, called here "mixed-borders" so that they overflow with flowers: This "mixed-border (in French in the text)" is a mixture of plants, perennials, bulbs, seasonal plants, shrubs. Either she leans against a hedge or a palisade, or she is placed in an island in the middle of a lawn.
  • Install some hedges: They share the different parts of the garden (the rose garden, the dining and barbecue area, the kitchen garden) or can serve as a background to the mixed-borders to better showcase the flowers. Perfectly cut, the hedges must be integrated into the landscape.

What types of plants for an English garden?

The English garden is a green garden and flowers in abundance:

  • Roses: English roses of course, old or modern roses, they are unavoidable. Traditionally, they are fragrant and sweet colors. But do not hesitate to introduce bright colors. The important thing is to preserve the harmony of the whole. If your beds are large, plant several plants of the same species to create a unified whole. Put the climbing roses in value by making them climb on arches.
  • Climbing plants: Honeysuckle, clematis, Virginia creeper, they alternate with climbing roses or dress the front of the house or garden shed.
  • Flowers: Choose the flowers not only according to their colors but also according to the flowering times. Ideally, blooms should be from early spring to late fall. In winter, plants with evergreen foliage or colorful branches will bring color to the clumps.
  • Grasses: Their elegant and flexible port is an undeniable asset to dress a border.

The decorative elements of the English garden

Highlight what nature offers you beautiful. In the English garden even an old stump can become decorative element. Your garden has a small hill? Do not brush it, but magnify it with an alley that follows its curve.
But banish everything that is flashy and too new in appearance:

  • A patinated statue drowned in greenery will bring mystery to a simple small grove of shrubs.
  • A stone bench hidden under a fragrant vine will be an invitation to take the time.
  • Place an old zinc basin with flowers next to a stone fountain.
  • For a dining area, stone and wrought iron will bring authenticity.

In the evening put your English garden in value with soft lighting: An LED spot behind the statue, an old-style outdoor lamp post to illuminate the table, posts to animate the mixed-borders. Let your sensitivity speak...

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