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The playroom: the children's nirvana. A space dedicated to them where they can give free rein to their imagination. Coverings, furniture and accessories adapted... discover in this article how to create a playroom for children.

Create a children's playroom

Create a children's playroom

Games room: wall and floor coverings

Which coatings to choose when creating a children's playroom?

Logically, we avoid the fragile and messy coatings. Abolish the vitrified parquet and opt for vinyl. Guaranteed effect and easy maintenance!

Since your children will most likely spend a lot of time in play on the floor, the carpet can also be suitable. But it can very quickly stain. The right compromise: a big soft carpet, much easier to clean.

For the walls, think about the paintings and washable wallpaper, or even painting table that will allow your children to draw on the walls with impunity.

Create a game room: the storage furniture

A playroom must be convenient and accessible. It therefore imperative suitable storage. Indeed, to make the most of this space, the room must not remain continuously in disorder.

In order to push your children to tidy their playroom, facilitate their task by opting for furniture at their height:

  • toy boxes;
  • crates, bins and baskets
  • low shelves;
  • open lockers (smart storage that quickly identifies stored toys).

High shelves will allow you to store toys that require your permission to be used.

Useful accessories for a children's playroom

  • A sink

If possible, have a child-sized sink installed in the playroom. It is easy to imagine the services rendered by this water point after a painting workshop.

  • A table

Board games, creation workshop (drawing, modeling leg...) the table is a must in the playroom.

  • The cushions

Do not skimp on beanbags and cushions on the ground. Your children will be able to sit there comfortably to flip through their little books, for example.

  • The magnetic board

Both decorative and playful, the magnetic board is an accessory very popular with children.

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