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Having a library at home is the dream of all reading enthusiasts. It allows of course to store books, but it is also an excellent asset of decoration. Discover how to create a library at home that is practical and design.

Create a library at home

Create a library at home

To create your library at home, start by asking yourself the right questions

To create a library at homeit is not enough to just put books on shelves. Before beginning storage, you must take into account certain criteria that will allow you to obtain a library as functional as aesthetic. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • In Which parts) would you like to build your library?
  • How many books do you want to store? What is their weight? What is their size?
  • How do you want to put them away? For that, several solutions are available to you: the arrangement by alphabetical letter, by size, by topic, even by language, if necessary.
  • Would you like to buy classic bookshelf or bookshelf models, or do you prefer an original, custom library?
  • Which style will best suit the decoration of your home?

Create your library in a room dedicated to your books

If you plan to dedicate an entire room to your books, the task will be greatly simplified, because you will be allowed everything: you can either decide to install high, low shelves, fix them directly to the wall or buy furniture dedicated to this use. And you can also take the opportunity to grant you a bit of fantasy and choose a decoration that deviates from that of the rest of your home.
Be that as it may, when you create your library, make sure the installation allows you to store new books over time. Also, be aware that if you only store books on the shelves, the atmosphere may seem a little sinister. Consider having on some shelves decorative elements. Trinkets, vases, and houseplants will be welcome in the middle of all these books and will brighten the whole room.

Create a library at home: explore every corner of your home

Not everyone can afford to devote an entire room to their books. If you are in this case, it will be tricky to find one or more space (s) that will welcome them. If you think carefully, you can find places left unexploited in your home, such as:

  • Wall anglesYou can easily insert a few corner shelves to hold your books.
  • CorridorsThey often seem sad and are always difficult to decorate as they should. A few designer shelves or library furniture will work perfectly in a hallway.
  • Under a staircase: this area is often a pet peeve in terms of furnishings. Yet it is a perfect place to host a library furniture that will also take the form of a staircase, which will make it practical and design.
  • Above some furniture: Have you thought of fixing shelves above your sofas, beds and desks? This is low furniture, the rest of the wall is often empty, do not hesitate to fill them with books.

Please note that a library integrated with living rooms of your home must meet the same style as the existing decoration.

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