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The cellar is an annex and utility room within a dwelling. To create a cellar at home and make this space a functional piece, some tips are sometimes enough, especially in terms of storage.

Create a cellar in a house

Create a cellar in a house

Where and why create a storeroom at home?

Whatever type of housing is occupied, there is often a lack of storage space.
To overcome this problem, depending on the area you have and the layout of the rooms in your home, it is always possible to create a cellar.

The creation of a cellar helps to make your house or apartment much more functional, as you can adapt it to your needs and habits.

The fact of creating a cellar can be justified byr the need for a pantry at hand. In this case, the cellar should preferably be next to the kitchen, in order to privilege the practical side and the proximity between the two spaces.
If the cellar is only intended to store wine, as at its origin, it is better to install it in the basement of your house, in order to maintain a low light, a low temperature, as well as a certain humidity level.

Creating a cellar at home can also be an opportunity to build a laundry room or a vestibule, always according to your needs, but also according to the possible technical constraints of realization (problematic of the arrival of water for the installation of a washing machine).

In general, creating a cellar can have several utilities, like:

  • store near the kitchen all the utensils, appliances, cleaning products and foodstuffs that are used occasionally;
  • to unclutter the kitchen or any other part of the dwelling;
  • compartmentalizer and rearrange the space.

Create a cellar and arrange it

In the case where the creation of a storeroom is primarily for the preservation of food (preserves, bottles, jars), the room must above all be able to remain fresh. To do this, choosing the location of your cellar is paramount, especially its orientation.

Once the location of your future cellar is defined, the arrangements must be planned according to the size of the room and the storage possibilities you have.
Whatever the utility of the created cellar, consider having an efficient ventilation system of the VMC type installed to prevent any moisture problem.

Finally, think about how you want to separate the cellar from the rest of your home, because the possibilities are multiple (opaque or transparent curtain, classic door, sliding, or swing, glazed or not).
To succeed in creating a well thought out cellar and in order to develop it at best, some tricks consist of multiply and diversify storage solutionssuch as shelves, cupboards, rods, hooks, sliding doors, stackable storage boxes, drawers, lockers, and baskets.

In short, to avoid risk of finding yourself with a piece "tote", think about compartmentalize and prioritize as much space in your cellar.

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