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How to do and which place to book for reading? Once you have found the right location, how to decorate and decorate it?

Create a reading corner in a house

Create a reading corner in a house

Where to install a reading corner in the house?

The reading corner, it is a privileged corner in your home where you can spend time reading or dreaming. The place must be quiet and its development conducive to relaxation.
Different places may be suitable as long as you install the furniture and decoration that will encourage you to read:

  • In a corner of the bedroom or living room.
  • On the mezzanine or in part of the attic.
  • In the veranda or in front of a bow window or a simple window.
  • In the corner of a spacious hallway or under a staircase.
  • In the kitchen because it is a living room in its own right and not only the place where we prepare meals.

The most important thing is that it is a place where you feel good and where you want to ask yourself to take time for yourself.

Brighten your reading area

The ideal is that your reading area has natural light. Install as close as possible to a window, French window or roof window.
But you will also need artificial light. The best is to have different light sources:

  • Spotlights or a ceiling lamp for general lighting, useful when storing or looking for a book.
  • A reading light on foot or a lamp placed on a pedestal table. Both must be installed near the chair where you sit to read.

Reading in the dim light or under too strong light tires the eyes. That's why you have to choose your fixtures carefully. A tilting headlamp, for example, will allow you to direct the light beam just where you need it. What a table lamp will not allow you to do.
Also pay attention to the choice of bulbs. Privilege a warm light.

How to furnish and decorate your reading area?

A reading corner must be comfortable. You must be well installed and especially so ergonomic not to create tension in your back, your neck, your shoulders.
Chair, armchair, chaise longue, hammock, rocking chair, mattress on the floor or on a platform, it's up to you to choose what suits you best.

Your books will naturally find their place in a library. It must adapt to the space you have. Better a few shelves fixed on the wall that a too bulky piece of furniture that crushes the reading corner with its mass. Take the time to find the model that suits you: in length, height, see the full height of a wall, boxes placed under the platform that hosts a mattress, etc.

Remember to install a small table or console. It is always useful to ask books or magazines during reading or glasses! It's also convenient for a cup of tea or a cool drink.
And if you are a magazine lover, a magazine will be welcome to put them away. But do not clutter your reading corner with tired magazines or damaged books.

Decorate your reading corner

Among the elements of essential decor, do not forget the cushions and the plaid.
To be even better installed, do not hesitate to multiply the cousins ​​of different sizes and shapes. Slipped under the waist or legs, they contribute to comfort. A plaid or a small blanket will allow you to cover yourself for long reading range.
Change these accessories according to the season: wool or faux fur winter, fabrics lighter in summer. To perfect the feeling of comfort, you can also define your reading corner by a nice carpet.

For colors, follow your desires... More generally, white will enlarge a small space. You can warm it with the wood of a bookcase, shelves or table. Colorful cushions or plaid will give your decor a touch of flair.
And do not forget a scented candle, a plant...

Good reading!

Video Instruction: Relaxing and Cozy Reading Corners