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Design a reading corner: tips and ideas

As the school year approaches, it's time to create a comfortable and functional reading area for the whole family. Thus, you will enjoy all year long a quiet place and perfectly adapted to this activity. That's why this week, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover how to make a reading corner meeting all your expectations in terms of layout, furniture and decoration.

Choose the location of the reading corner

To make the most of your reading area, it should be placed in a quiet place and if possible away from children's rooms. Thus, it can for example be installed in an alcove or nook in the living room, the office, or in a large hallway. In addition, it is best to choose a sunny place to benefit from natural lighting.

Choose the furniture of the reading corner

Design a reading corner: tips and ideas: reading

The essential library is the essential element of the reading corner. It must be chosen with the utmost care according to the content you wish to install. Here, the size and strength of the library will be determined by the size, weight, and number of books you will put in it. Then, you would choose a seat as comfortable as possible, adapted to the space you have. Thus, if the reading corner seems too small, traditional sofas or armchairs can be replaced by beanbags or even large cushions placed on the floor, equally comfortable, but less bulky. In addition, you will need to choose appropriate lighting for reading and relaxing. To do this, we must focus on direct lighting and avoid blinding lights. A tilting low voltage halogen, spotlight or spotlight will be ideal for directing light onto your books. However, additional ambient light such as a wall light can be provided to create a cozy atmosphere. Finally, if you have the opportunity, do not forget to provide small storage such as a chest or a side table.

Choose the decoration of the reading corner

Once the reading corner furnished, you will only have to decorate it. Thus, by installing a soft and soft carpet you will accentuate the warm side of the room. In the same way, curtains or curtains will dress the windows. They will also contribute to the decoration of this space while isolating it from the outside tumult. In addition, do not hesitate to multiply the cushions, blankets and plaids to create a reading corner as comfortable as possible. Here, the fabrics will have to be pleasant, while remaining robust enough to withstand the assaults of the readers. As for the walls, they can be decorated with posters, paintings or photos of your choice, always keeping in mind that this is a space dedicated to reading. Therefore, it is better to avoid the representations of sports or themes in total opposition to the spirit of the place. Finally, always to keep the serenity of your reading area, it is advisable not to overload with trinkets or too large decorative elements that would detract from its primary function.

To conclude this survey and inspire you in your development, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to consult its selection of products intended for the reading corner.

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