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A trash shelter is the ideal solution to remove these containers not really aesthetic. In addition, a local garbage can can offer multiple functions such as being a storage space for garden tools for example. Find out why the waste bin is indispensable and easy to make yourself.

Create a shelter or trash cover

Create a shelter or trash cover

What is a trash cache?

A trash cover is ideal for hide garbage chutes unsightly that spoil the aesthetics of your garden. A trash shelter allows to adapt to the shape and the size of your container to integrate it harmoniously with your outside. A trash can can also be used to tidy up your tools gardening, your firewood...

You will find many bin models in specialized DIY or gardening stores. There are PVC or metal trash shelters, easy to clean and resistant. It can be found with doors, lids, drawers and some with a design style. The wooden bin cover is still the most popular because it offers a natural look that allows it to blend elegantly throughout your garden. Today, the trash cache is no longer hidden!

If you have the soul of a handyman and the taste of "Do it yourself (DIY)", you can even make your trash can yourself.

Make a waste bin

Creating a shelter or trash can is not difficult. We must first clearly define its needs. Then you have to get the materials you need to construction of the outdoor trash cover.

Sturdy woods like teak or cedar wood are the most practical materials for making it. You will therefore need four stakes of wood for the basic construction, then 10 to 20 blades of the chosen wood of the same length as the stakes to make the walls. Remember to leave a few inches between boards for better ventilation.

Of course we must also think about getting nails, screws and metal hooks.

Where to put his local trash?

It is important to choose where install your trash shelter to fit harmoniously into your outdoor space.

It can be installed outside the house, leaning against the external facade. It is advisable to choose a discreet place, not too far from the kitchen for practical reasons. You can also put several small garbage cans, near the terrace or pool for example. The wooden trash can fits easily everywhere, it's up to you to choose its location according to the surface and the configuration of your exterior.

You can even think about covering the garbage can of a gardener with pretty plants or to paint it with your colors.

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