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Despite the limited space it offers, a studio can be very functional and very pleasant to live. The absence of room is also not a problem provided you know how to create a cozy night area and invites to rest. Find out how to create a feeling of intimacy to sleep in a studio and how to choose the right bed depending on the space you have.

Create a sleeping area in a studio

Create a sleeping area in a studio

Create a feeling of intimacy

In a studio, it is not recommended to partition to create a sleeping area because it would affect the visual space and brightness. It is best to try to create a sense of intimacy so more discreet and less radical. It is possible to define the sleeping area by opting for a different paint color on the walls or a different floor covering. For example, opt for parquet flooring in the bedroom and tiling in the rest of the studio. The curtains or japanese panels are also a good way to delimit the space without overloading the whole. Some will opt for a screen, shelves or a bookcase as a separation. If you still want to install a partition, it is better to choose an opening to let the light and avoid any feeling of suffocation. The sliding partitions are the ideal solution as they disappear during the day and allow you to play with space.

Choosing the right bed

To create a sleeping area in a studio, it is important to choose your bed. It will have to adapt to the space you have and bring you the comfort you need.
The bed placed in mezzanine is a wise choice because it is a little exploitable area for a living room. The mezzanine space also allows to create a more intimate sleeping area out of sight. The mezzanine bed is a good option when your studio does not have a mezzanine. The bed is placed high and therefore leaves some free space on the floor to place a sofa or desk.
The sofabed is an interesting solution for those who have an ultra-reduced surface. It turns into a sofa during the day and reads at night. However, it does not allow to create intimacy and forces you to fold during the day.
The Murphy bed is a bed that fits into a partition of your studio. Once folded, it disappears completely. Again, it forces you to fold it every morning but it has the advantage of freeing up space.

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