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Installing a bathroom in a room is quite possible. With or without separation, it will adapt to your lifestyle and offer you unparalleled comfort.

Create a small bathroom in a room

Create a small bathroom in a room

How to implant a bathroom in a room?

The bathroom installed in a room is obviously an extra bathroom. But with the organization and some tricks, it will be all great!
Nevertheless, the room must be large enough for a few square meters to be devoted to a bathroom. It is necessary to count at least 70 cm of passage in front of a sink, a shower or a toilet so that you can move without "too much" annoying you.

But what will mainly decide the location of this bathroom, it is the arrivals and evacuations of water. This may lead you to completely review the location of the bed or cabinet. The ideal is to transplant to the nearest pipes. Otherwise, it will be necessary to plan to hide these new connections.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional plumber. He will tell you the best alternatives taking into account the technical constraints.

Installed in a corner of the room, this new bathroom will surely not include ventilation. Do not ignore the VMC at the risk of bringing humidity in the room. And be especially careful about lighting. Unless you choose a bathroom completely open on the room.

Bathroom partitioned or open on the room?

It's purely a question of taste... Do you need privacy for your ablutions or do you prefer to take advantage of the space?

An open bathroom will avoid, indeed, the impression of confinement that could give a small enclosed space. But do you want, from your shower, to see bed, bedside and closet? An open bathroom must be impeccably arranged, both bath side and bed side, not to appear quickly neglected.
But if your bathroom remains open, you can delimit the floor space by a different flooring or by installing the bathroom space on a small platform, which will allow, if necessary, to hide the flows.

If you prefer a cozy and intimate corner, partition your bathroom. For all to benefit from the natural light of the room, install a glass-type partition or partition only part of the bathroom leaving a wide passage that you can hide with a curtain.
It is also with pretty curtains or screens that you can partition the bathroom space while keeping a certain freedom.

How to arrange a bathroom in a room?

A small, well-appointed bathroom has as much charm and functionality as a large one. Still need toadapt the furniture to the area.
So prefer the shower to the bathtub. And a walk-in shower that takes a tile identical to that of the floor will give an impression of space. Likewise, prefer large, light-colored tiles. To close the shower, use a glass door or an opalescent curtain.

If the bathroom is longer than wide, choose a basin shallow and especially longer than wide. Opt for hanging furniture rather than feet. The idea is to clear the floor space. So for storage hang shelves on the wall or create recessed storage in a wall.

Look after the lighting, it must be warm and flattering for the users of the bathroom. Install several light points to create a beautiful atmosphere rather than a single ceiling light: LED spots around the mirror above the sink, a recessed spot in the shower.

Play with large mirrors to enlarge the space, especially if the bathroom is partitioned. Do not hesitate to install two mirrors vis-à-vis. Reflecting one into the other, they will give depth.

Good to know: If you really have little space to create a bathroom in a room or if you do not want to do heavy work, opt for a bathroom ready to install!

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