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Clothing, books, cosmetics, small decorative accessories... the room teems with objects that require a multitude of storage. Yet, there is rarely a lot of space in this part of the house. Our tips for creating clever storage spaces in a room.

Create storage spaces in a room

Create storage spaces in a room

The dressing room: a storage space par excellence

Whether housed in a separate room or integrated into the bedroom, the dressing room remains the reference in terms of clothing storage. Standard model or custom installation, equipped with one or more rods, lockers, drawers, coat hooks and even mirrors... the dressing is used daily and can effectively store clothes and shoes.

A headboard with storage space for the bedroom

In addition to its primary function of decorative element, the headboard can also be used as storage space for the room. Indeed, there are models of headboard equipped with integrated shelves and bedside tables that just slide. Sometimes mounted on wheels, the headboard adapts to everyone's needs.

Box bed with drawers and drawers, a clever storage space

Formerly untapped, the bed frame of the bedroom is now equipped with a chest and / or large drawers. A new storage space that uses the entire surface of the bed. This type of bed base is ideal for home linens, such as blankets, duvets or clothes off season.

Nightstand with drawers, indispensable in a room

Not to be missed in the bedroom, not all models of bedside tables are equal in their storage capacity. Opting for a bedside table with drawers is therefore the most practical way to store your belongings. Single drawer or deep model, the night table adapts to all needs.

The mirror: a practical and original storage space

Indispensable in a room, the foot mirror now compensates for its footprint by providing storage accessible on its sides. Make-up, hairbrush, beauty products or even books naturally find their place in the recesses proposed by this particularly original and practical storage mirror.

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