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You want to install a tipi in your children's room to create a small space just for them? Do not buy it and make it yourself, not only will you be proud of yourself, but you will also realize great savings and get a tipi 100% customizable and unique!

Create a tipi in a child's room

Create a tipi in a child's room

The material needed to create a tipi in a child's room

For the realization of the tipi for your child's room, you will have to gather a number of elements that will cost you about twenty euros in all and for all:

• A piece of tissue of your choice, already decorated or to decorate yourself;
• 5 sticks 160 to 180 cm long;
• 4 sticks 50 to 60 cm long;
• Of the thick rope;
• scissors;
• The equipment needed to customize the fabric tipi if any, especially if the latter is united.

Steps to creating a tipi for a child's room

Making a tipi for a child's room is quite easy, but you must follow several essential steps to obtain a solid and harmonious tipi:

  • Start by setting the 5 large sticks vertically and weld them together at the top with the thick rope;
  • Keep the rope, and use it to fix the 4 small sticks horizontally at the base of the tipi for the structure to be strong;
  • Cut into the fabric some pieces of the size of the facades after having draw the triangles beforehand, or wrap your teepee with strips of different fabrics, leaving an opening on a facade to create the entrance.

Note that you can customize the fabric of the teepee before you install it, by drawing shapes with a pencil designed for fabrics or embroidering what you want.

How to arrange the tipi of the children's room?

Once the tipi for your child's room is installed, you just have to arrange it and for that, ideas should not be missed. Indeed, you can do a reading area, in which you will put cushions and blankets as well as a lamp, so that your child can read there. You can also do some a play area and put bins filled with toys, or let your child choose his activities by simply storing some cushions, and leave it free to invest the space according to his desires.

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