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This achievement simpler than it looks, uses broken glass and an old tray to make a wall lamp and candle holder: recycling at all good!

Upcylcing: a candlestick sconce with mirrors in a tray

Necessary material

  • Small serrated wooden tray 20 cm x 23 cm (Truffaut or Le Grand Comptoir)
  • Matte acrylic white paint, brush
  • Hanging hook
  • Large silver chrome nut 2 cm inside diameter
  • Paste to be fixed without nail or screw (Pattex)
  • Mirror falls 2 mm thick
  • Stylus to cut the glass
  • Metal ruler
  • Parrot mosaic pliers
  • Protective gloves
  • Wood glue
  • Mirror (12 cm x 16 cm) to place at the bottom of the small tray
  • Container, water
  • Small powder white tile seal bag
  • Small painter's knife
  • Dry cloth
  • Candle

Difficulty: Easy
Completion time: 4 hours out of drying time

  • Paint the outside of the tray and the thickness of the edges in white.
  • Attach a hanging hook to the back of the tray.
  • Place the nut at the bottom and center of the tray and glue it with a ball of paste (Pattex) so that it is placed horizontally to hold the candle vertically.
  • Leave to dry for 12 hours.

  • Cut small rectangles of mirror as neatly as possible.
  • Practice first on falls: with a decided and supported gesture, draw a fine line with the stylus using the metal ruler.
  • Position the mirror piece, the cutting line parallel to one edge of the table.
  • With a small swipe of the hand (protect with gloves!), Break the mirror on the cut line.

  • Once the "helping hand" is taken, cut small rectangles of about 1 cm x 5 cm slightly narrower at the base since the sides of the tray are flared.
  • Position them as you go along the edges of the board to cut rectangles with the right dimensions.
  • With the parrot clip, trim the top to respect the undulations of the wood.

  • Coat one side of the tray with wood glue, then glue the tabs next to each other, leaving a small gap for the joint.
  • Renew the operation for the other sides.
  • Let dry and then glue the central mirror.

  • In a container, mix water with a little powder coating until you get a creamy paste a little thick.
  • With a small painter's knife, spread all over the surface of the mirrors and sprinkle with powder seal.
  • With a dry cloth, clean the excess and rub gently until a shiny surface is obtained.

  • Place the candle, making sure it is straight.
  • All you have to do is fix the mirror to the wall.

Video Instruction: DOLLAR TREE DIY Mirror Tray / Candle Holder