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I realized on a terrace a wall, on this wall I put tiles of 25x40 and on these tiles I fixed a wrought iron banister (the tiling was supposed to prevent the possible rust to flow on the plaster. the wall was plastered with stone, my concern is that now every 40 cm I have an ocher coulure on my plaster it is very dirty So I asked the pros and they told me about the drop of water to put between the tile and the low wall but I can not remove the tiles and the ramp.So I thought: as the water flows between the joints, why not fill these joints with acrylic silicone or polyurethane to fill these small gutters, because between the joints I have no traces.What do you think this idea would work or do you have another one?

A drop of water is a groove dug under a window or a wall to drive water away from the facades. In your case, if the tile overflows the vertical surface of the wall, you should add below a rod (bib) along its length of your wall so that the drop of water no longer flows along the front. If the tiles do not overflow, you can mount an aluminum profile intended for reject runoff beyond the facade of your wall.

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