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All construction is subject to regulatory requirements regarding vis-à-vis, so it is not possible to create openings without respecting certain distances from property limits. Which openings are concerned? What the law says? Presentation of the main principles to create an opening.

Creation of an opening (window, door, terrace): distances and regulations

Creation of an opening (window, door, terrace): distances and regulations

Openings subject to minimum regulatory distances

Windows and French windows are among the well-known openings for which there are minimal distances from property boundaries and neighboring dwellings. In addition, if they are opaque, in other words blurred so that they can not see outside, the law still sets construction obligations.
Also, other types of opening are also subject to the rules relating to the view, including terraces and balconies.

Regulatory distances according to the different types of view

The regulations provide for different obligations depending on the nature of the view induced by the opening. It is:

  • The right view: This one gives a direct view on the property of the neighbor, without particular movement of the body. The opening must then be built respecting a minimum distance of 1.90 meters with the neighboring ground; the exterior of the opening (or its extremity in the case of a terrace or balcony) being the landmark to be taken into consideration with the neighboring property line;
  • The oblique view: It requires to move, turn the head for example, to see the neighbor. In this situation, also called indirect view, the minimum distance of construction is 60 centimeters.

Regarding the opaque openings, just to let in the daylight, the law does not impose specific dimensions to them. However, they must be equipped with a non-opening frame and an iron trellis, then erected at 2.60 meters height from the floor for the ground floor and 1.90 meter from the floor for the floors, as soon as they face neighboring properties.

Authorizations required to create openings

Apart from the regulatory distances, it is also advisable, before creating openings, to inquire at the town hall about any other obligations.
According to the municipalities, the filing of a declaration of work can for example be requested before starting the work.

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