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Although a credence is more often associated with the kitchen, it also finds its place in your bathroom. Functional, easy to live and easy to install, it also brings aesthetics and modernity to the overall atmosphere of the room. Wherever you want to install it, you will always find the credence that will fit your desires and your budget.

Why install a credenza in a bathroom?

The bathroom credenzaLike the kitchen credenza, it serves above all to protect your walls possible splashes or splashes. As the bathroom is a piece of water, the presence of a credence can be very useful. Depending on the material you choose, placing a credenza on the wall of your bathroom can facilitate maintenance by slowing down the scale. Beyond the practical aspect, a credence also makes it possible to bring a touch of deco and modern to your entire bathroom. Floral motifs, landscape trompe-l'oeil or plant atmosphere, everything is allowed and renewable according to your desires decor of the moment.

Where to put a credenza in a bathroom?

There are strategic places in a bathroom that are more stressed than others and need to be protected from splashing water. Indeed, it is important to protect the walls around the bathtub. If some choose to install wall tiles, others will prefer a credence that is much easier to install and easier to change. The credence also fits perfectly in the shower and will occupy only one wall or two depending on the configuration of your shower and the existing walls. It is also possible to install a credence around the basin which is a place very exposed to splashing water. You choose which will be the ideal place.

Bathroom credenza: the different materials

The bathroom credenzas are come in different materials which adapt to your requirements but also to your budget. The most classic of all is the tiled splashback. Quite economical, it is however quite complicated to ask and requires regular maintenance especially at the joints that get dirty very quickly. The credenza in stainless steel or glass are ideal because they do not rust and apply on the wall with a simple silicone glue. Models in marble, granite or synthetic resin are also popular but they require a much larger budget.

Video Instruction: The De Kauri Modern Bathroom Credenza