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Criteria for choosing a towel warmer

In recent years, a wind of innovation and comfort blows on the bathrooms thanks to towel radiators! No more wet or wet towels at the end of the shower. Indeed, with towel warmers it is now possible to benefit from pleasantly warm towels. Thus, it is no longer possible to create or renovate a bathroom without including this type of radiator. Here is everything you need to know before you start buying and possibly installing a towel warmer.

How does a towel radiator work?

With its unusual style, the towel radiator is easily differentiated from other models. It consists of vertical tubes connected together by transverse tubes. This mass stores the heat produced by electrical resistances or brought by a coolant (since central heating, for example) and diffuses gradually to the entire room and any towels that are placed there.

The different materials used for towel warmers

The criteria for choosing a towel warmer.

Most towel warmers are made of steel, combining functionality with aesthetics. In addition, they offer the advantage of settling easily and offering very affordable rates. There are also aluminum towel rails, which have the advantage of warming up quickly and being good conductors of heat. These light radiators arise in no time.

You will need to choose the material of your radiator according to your aesthetic desires and the power you want. If the towel warmers are connected to the central heating, the steel models can not be coupled with aluminum models. On the other hand, the combination of steel and cast iron is quite possible. Finally, the steel radiators are compatible with steel pipes, but also copper, provided to put a copper iron fitting at each junction point of the two metals, especially at the taps.

The power of towel radiators

In order to obtain optimal comfort, it is advisable to provide a power of 100 watts per square meter to be heated. Thus in small rooms, a single radiator is amply enough. As for bathrooms over 15 square meters, they will require two towel warmers coupled with a third source of heat.

Finally before installing a towel radiator, it is imperative to learn about the safety standards to respect in the bathroom.