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At the time of recycling, grinding its vegetable waste is an ideal solution to obtain its compost.

Text and photos Alain Fuksa


Maker: Eliet
Reference: Neo 2
Power: 3000W
Maximum branches diameter: 35mm
Type of grinding: cutter drum with 12 knives
Collection bin: 50 liters
Sound level: 92.8 dB
Weight: 43kg
Price generally found: 695€


An ecological reflex
Hedge trimming and pruning cause significant amounts of plant waste. With the ban on burning at home, a grinder becomes more essential than ever. Whether you want to make compost, or simply reduce the volume of waste to bag in the dump, this type of equipment is required. But to equip a fairly powerful device, investment is consistent.
The same principle as an ax
Traditionally, manufacturers offer either a horizontal turntable cutting system or a rotor that cuts while crushing the wood fibers. Here, by placing two cutting drums vertically, we try to reproduce the effect of the ax that splits the wood in the direction of the fibers.
In full rotation, the two trays and their 12 knives represent the equivalent of 36,000 small ax attacks per minute. To exit the grinding area, the wood segments must pass through a sieve before being collected in the bin. When they arrive at the bottom of the tunnel, in contact with the knives, the branches are split and cut into strips. And in case of jamming, we can intervene via a porthole.
Fine and regular chips
Easy to move with two wheels well apart, the device can be installed anywhere in the garden. From the first tests, we see that the segments are cut and ironed several times by the knives before crossing the sieve. Result: relatively thin chips and homogeneous in the tray. With branches of large diameters (up to 35 mm in diameter), the crusher manages to absorb everything... in the crash of the segments that go "to the mill".


  • Good performance
  • Fineness of grinding
  • Pickup bin

The lessers

  • Cost consequent
  • Large size
  • Jerking in the arm

Our opinion

Indisputable on the quality of the grinding, this machine requires to support the jolts in the arm during the meeting of the branches with the knives!

Safety first

Safety first

The device comes with all protections: earmuff, goggles, gloves and dust mask.

Monitor the bin

Monitor the bin

In the event of a jam, remove the plug and open the transparent cover. Here we see the fineness of the cut slices.

Video Instruction: Eliet shredder demo