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Size of hedgerows and pruning lead to significant amounts of plant waste. To compost or reduce the volume for transport to the dump, the mill becomes indispensable.

Vegetable shredder


Maker: Viking
Reference: GE 35 l
Absorbed power: 2,300 W
Engine speed: 40 rpm
Ø maximum branches: 36 mm
Grinding system: Knife rotor
Weight: 25 kg
Height: 96 cm
Price generally found: 650 euros

In use

Getting started
If you want to buy a grinder, two cutting systems are available to you: the turntable or the rotor. The first system is effective, but very noisy and works with sensitive jerks in the arm. Hence the growing interest in rotor machines that produce very little noise and work continuously.

The cutting system of the tested model - a knife rotor - has a fairly compact shape. The entrance to the grinding tunnel is equipped with a funnel and a clover-shaped opening to facilitate branching. Side commands, a switch ensures the start and the reverse in case of jam. To avoid any mishandling, the reversing switch has a safety switch.

Located at mid-height of the tunnel, a tightening wheel makes it possible to adjust the distance between the knives of the rotor and the plate of compression. It is between these two elements that the waste is sliced ​​and crushed.

A set of wheels facilitates movement (the crusher weighs 25 kg).

A first series of tests with cedar cuts shows the effectiveness and silence of the cutting system. As soon as the end of a branch meets the rotor, the descent into the grinding tunnel takes place by driving the knives down. At the outlet, the waste is reduced to fragments of 2 cm long.

More resistant, long branches of hazel (average diameter of 2 to 3 cm) are then engaged one by one. The descent is automatic, the segments of plants come out cut and crushed by compression. In normal use, we did not notice a jam. It was necessary to engage several branches at once to obtain the blocking of the rotor. An opportunity to check the reversing system of the direction of rotation. In reverse, the branches go up without problem.


  • Quiet operation (eco-friendly Blue Angel label) and easy operation.
  • Once caught by the knives, the waste goes down without it being necessary to guide them.

The lessers

  • More suitable for grinding hedge and pruning cuts (like all rotor models).
  • For compost, the high-speed turntable cutting system is preferable.

Our opinion

With the proliferation of burning bans in gardens, the disposal of plant waste goes through composting or dump. In both cases, the grinder is a valuable ally. Quiet and efficient, this model has many assets, but it represents a large budget.

Empty the bag regularly

Empty the bag regularly

The branches descend slowly into the grinding tunnel. No effort to provide, except to empty the garbage bag regularly.

Waste for compost

Waste for compost

The crushing against the compression plate produces fragmented waste, suitable for composting.

Security assured

Security assured

Placed under the switch, the small rocker can only be handled when the engine is off.

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