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At a time when the "Do It Yourself" is in fashion, it is normal for DIY players to look at the issue and adapt to the new hobbies of their consumers. This is how DIY stores offer courses designed to teach Parisians to repair everything themselves.

The DIY, or Do It Yourself, you know? Technically, this is just the English word for DIY and it is all the rage on social networks. The idea is simple: rather than throw, fix! And because the followers of this concept are always more numerous, the DIY stores of Paris have decided to set up courses.

Electricity and plumbing: courses to repair his house

A leaky faucet, a false contact that makes the lamp of your living room sizzle... these small repairs can be very expensive when a professional is involved. And yet, with a little practice, you can do it alone! Based on this observation, some DIY brands such as Castorama and Leroy Merlin have set up workshops to teach their customers to do almost everything themselves. You want to correctly connect your plugs to your electrical panel, fix a shelf or change the tap of your bathroom? Depending on their theme, these courses involve professionals in the field to answer your questions.

Practical information: Leroy Merlin: 3h lessons from 25 €. Castorama: free internship in some stores.

Tapestry, furniture and colors: DIY to decorate your home

In addition to repair shops, it is also possible to learn how to decorate your home. Choose the complementary colors, repaint a wall or re-paint an armchair... There are courses adapted to all levels to teach you the basic techniques. Thus a brand new company offers internships, mainly for women, but in which men are welcome. The themes are varied, ranging from the makeover of furniture to the choice of paintings following the support and the arrangement of colors. Short! The idea is to master the essential techniques to customize your home yourself. Little more? The atmosphere is often friendly and the workshops very educational.

Practical information: Lilibricole: 29,90 € the course. L'Établisienne: 20 € per hour.

And children in all this?

Because DIY is not just for adults, and kids and teens are often happy to help, there are also workshops for your toddlers. The courses are then more intended to make decorative objects than to change a tap. In just over an hour, your children will learn how to customize their room or create their own carnival disguise.

Practical information: Leroy Merlin: from 8 € the course of 1h30. Haussmann Spring: free classes. FNAC: FNAC free kids workshops depending on the stores.

Our tips: You can also consult video tutorials on the internet that will teach you, in a few minutes, how to put a carpet or repair flush flush for example.

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