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On courtyard, garden, city, sea, custom windows take all forms to embellish your facade as your interior. They open to design or are remodeled to fit your lifestyle. Good reasons to fall for the bespoke.

Why custom windows?

You may have to resort to tailor-made, simply because your windows do not have standard dimensions. This is often the case for old buildings. But before you decide do not hesitate to inquire.

Indeed, when it is only a few centimeters, it is possible to fix a transom on the frame, to bring the frame to standard dimensions. We lose in brightness but we reduce the budget. Because the tailor-made is more expensive since personalized.

Another reason to adopt the tailor-made. You want entirely redistribute light and give a stamp to your home. You then have the choice of shapes and configurations: huge bay windows, a glass roof, portholes in the manner of a boat... Needless to say that the materials and hues adapt to your desires.

The possibilities of the tailor-made

Carpentry craftsmen allow you to give free rein to your imagination or that of your architect. You can everything design and draw. Thanks to them, you can mix materials without problems. This is the case of wood and aluminum very popular. The first on the inside for its warmth, the second on the outside for ease of maintenance and design. The craftsmen can also offer you cremones and unique handles.

But today, tailor-made is no longer the sole preserve of craftsmen. DIY superstores offer a wide range of models to bring back to your dimensions. They provide a needs study, dimensions survey and quick quotes. Not to mention the pose. The best is to move to explain your project and to let you advise.

If the tailor-made involves a large budget, keep in mind that quality windows give added value to your home. Their duration, their quotient of thermal and phonic insulation are determining criteria. Not to mention the added value of style and originality.

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