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Straight cut, slant or miter? Thanks to its multiple settings, this guide is very useful for working with a jigsaw.

Text and photos Alain Fuksa


Maker: Bosch
Reference: PLS 300
Max saw blade length: 100 mm
Max cutting length at 90°: 315 mm
Max cutting height: 25 mm
Max. Miter angle: 45°
Max vertical tab angle: 45°
Max. Cutting length: 80 mm
Price generally found: 79,95 €

For what purpose?
When you want to cut a panel with a jigsaw, it is often a cleat blocked with clamps that serves as a guide to the sole. Hence the interest of this saw station: composed of a guide rail articulated on a plate, it allows straight cuts (up to 90°) and miter. But it also allows slanting cuts for, for example, grinding baseboard corner fittings.
Precise cuts...
In use, it is found that the soleplate slides well on the rail and that it has a sufficient cutting width for most formats of parquet flooring. The rail lifts for the implementation of the cutting board and it is adjustable in height to be in contact with the surface to be cut. The 90° and miter cuts are relatively accurate. On the other hand, on certain soles, there is a small side clearance that must be compensated by pushing the sole laterally during the cut.
... but sometimes limited
In a bias cut, you have to work only on a part of the rail. In this case, the maximum cutting length is felt (80mm). This restriction has no consequences with the current decorative skirting... but not in the case of traditional skirting boards! Another limit: the station is not compatible with other jigsaws on the market. If the support plate of the "PST" models from Bosch corresponds to the width of the rail, our attempts to test with the models of other manufacturers have unfortunately proved unsuccessful.


  • Easy to use system
  • Good support surface with extensions
  • Maximum cut at 90°

The lessers

  • Limited bias cut
  • Lack of precision with some models of saws

Our opinion

Ingenious in its design, we can only regret that this guidance system is limited to the range of jigsaws manufacturer.

A good guidance system

A good guidance system

The guide system is practical, very easy to adjust and well suited to the installation of parquet floors of all kinds. Do not forget to turn the siding side down.

A limited cutting area

A limited cutting area

The cutting zone is sufficient for decorative skirting boards of current floors. But not beyond 80mm of baseboard height.

Video Instruction: Bosch PLS 300 Test