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To cut or cut wood planks, choose a machine according to the desired result. While the circular saw is ideal for straight cutting, the less precise jigsaw is more versatile.

Proper use of wood cutting tools

When it comes to cutting boards in series, power tools are very useful. Simple to use, jigsaws and circular saws offer a quick grip.

Ergonomic champion, the jigsaw comes in four versions: wired or battery, with mushroom handle or stirrup handle. One chooses one's model according to the handling habits and the use for which the machine is intended. The development of batteries (Li-ion) makes this tool even more manageable.

What to expect from a circular saw?

It excels in coarse flows as well as in precise cuts, with straight or inclined edges, of solid planks or derived panels. That it allows cuts along, across or diagonally to the direction of the fibers. But beware of cheap machines: a blade imperfectly parallel to the sides of the sole causes burns or even the ejection of parts and a very relative cutting accuracy.

Declination of the circular saw, the radial saw allows precision miter joints. Again, beware of low-end products, 45° cuts can be imprecise.

Finally, the saber saw, powerful and fast, relegates the hand saw to the rank of antique and allows cutting virtually all materials.

Think about your workshop

Woodworking is one of the hobbyists' most common hobbies. To devote oneself fully to this hobby, the need for a workshop is often felt very quickly.
But before embarking on any development, you have to ask the right questions to determine the equipment that will be needed: is carpentry an occasional hobby or a passion? What surface do you have? What projects do you intend to achieve?
If you have room and time to make furniture, you have every interest in investing in a planer. This machine will allow you to reduce the purchase price of wood, since you will only need raw wood.
But beware, if you are a beginner, it is imperative to get to know the tools, whether manual or electric! This for your safety. The more powerful the machine, the more dangerous it is.

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