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Often called "glue", it ensures an almost instantaneous hold (10 seconds). Very useful everyday, it is perfectly suited to the assembly of small parts.

  • The cyanoacrylate glue is packaged in small quantities of 3 to 10 g as a few drops are enough to make extremely resistant assemblies.
  • Without solvents, it dries very quickly under the action of the humidity of the air (one can accelerate the catch by blowing on it).
  • This glue will keep longer in the refrigerator.

Cyanoacrylate glue, fast and precise adhesion: glue

Degrease the parts to be assembled

Clean and degrease the surfaces to be glued perfectly.

Apply the glue on one of the pieces

Place one to two drops of glue on one of the pieces to be glued.

Press firmly for 10 seconds

Position and hold the object on the support for 10 seconds. It's stuck.

Video Instruction: How to make a precision superglue / CA glue applicator