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Mosses and lichens proliferate on your roof, and you discern black traces of pollution. It's time to do some deep cleaning. Before you start yourself or to call a professional, here are some tips to see more clearly...

Anti-moss, lichen and moisture treatments

As most roofs are sloping and houses consist of 2 or 3 floors, scrub a roof is a job that is best left to the professionals.
They will offer you anti foaming products concentrated that they will dilute themselves with water. You can choose between a slow action that acts in 4 weeks or a quick action in 15 minutes, with a rinse with water. Obviously this choice depends on the cleaning season.
To know. Rapid cleaning is also ideal for removing traces of pollution.

After careful cleaning, it is strongly recommended to complete the treatment with a layer of water repellent. This treatment allows the roof to breathe, waterproof, and therefore protects it from any aggression: mosses, lichens, fungi, pollution and humidity. You will be quiet for a decade. In this case, we must think of long-term profitability.

In case of "house" scrubbing

As long as you do not feel dizzy, if your roof is flat and low, you can perform the defoaming yourself with a stiff brush and water. To complete the operation, spray the roof clean with algaecide and water repellent.
To note. It is recommended to defoam the roof every year to avoid having to thoroughly clean every 3 years
Remember to empty the gutters of everything that is likely to clog. Be careful not to clog it with the lichen you have just pulled off. And if branches encroach on your roof, consider pruning them.

To know:

  • Do not go up never on the roof alonebut work instead at two or three, a person staying on the ground in case of trouble. Do not forget to bring a laptop
  • Above all, equip yourself with a ladder specially designed for mounting on roofs. Plan a height above the top of the roof of 4 to 5 rungs, which you will never climb for stability issues.
  • The safest is contact a professional.

To find a roofer near you, consult our specialized directory.

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