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When buying a new home, it is not always easy to identify what the future problems will be and what the extent of the damage will be in the event of a major disaster. Subscribed at the request of the buyer, damage insurance-work is not mandatory, except in case of work of great importance, but is strongly recommended to be compensated quickly in case of significant damage.

Why take out a property and casualty insurance?

Property and casualty insurance is a guarantee of peace for the buyer because it guarantees prompt compensation and compensation for major disasters in your home and this, during the ten years following the end of the works. It is valid for any new construction or for any extension works or large works on an old building.
Anything that could compromise the solidity of the property or make it uninhabitable is considered a major disaster. If in the ten years covered by the insurance, the professional involved has ceased his activity or has filed for bankruptcy, the damage insurance-book guarantees you a fast repair and then returns to the builder or the craftsman. Be aware though thatit is not easy to find an insurer who offers insurance-damage-book and you will have to be patient.

Damage insurance: how does it work?

The damage-work insurance is to be subscribed before the opening of the site. Its amount is 7 or 8% of the amount of work. However, if you go through the insurer builder or architect, it is possible to find rates down to 2.5 or 3%. If the insurance company you have chosen refuses to insure you or does not respond within 90 days, you have 15 days to contact the Central Pricing Office (CBO) by registered mail. It will require the company to guarantee you and it is he who will set the amount of the insurance premium.
You should know that the warranty starts from the period of perfect completion, that is to say, one year after receipt of the work. If you notice a defect, you must declare the claim by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 5 working days. The insurer then has 60 days to accept or not to take over the repairs. If he agrees, he must make a compensation proposal within 90 days. If you accept the proposal, he has 15 days to pay you the amount due.

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