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I bought a house 5 years ago, the roof was redone in 2002. On the deed of sale it is indicated, in the part "damage insurance book": "The renovations as indicated by the The following points were addressed to the seller: the company completely renovated the roof *** in September 2002. The seller declares that no property damage insurance policy has been taken out to carry out these renovations. provided the decennial liability insurance certificate. " Today, I have a leak. I called the company that did the work and the person told me that only the tiles were changed and not the zinquerie so no guarantee. I said that they have already been there 2 years and they made the repairs without asking anything... How do I know if the roof was redone entirely or not? If the warranty is valid or not?

Here you measure the consequences of the absence of damage insurance-work... The proof of work covered can only result from the invoice that was sent to the former owners. If you can not reach them ask for a duplicate to the company.

This being the case, if it is a "complete renovation", this concerns the whole of the cover and it does not seem possible for me that the company can hide behind the fact that it has not not changed the zinguerie. Tell him that you will bring the case before the Court of Instance...

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