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We have to move into an apartment in Spain, whose floor has just been sanded and varnished with a polyurethane product. Are these varnishes toxic? And if so, how long after laying? We have a baby of 20 months and I am very worried about it.

To know the exact composition of the varnish used on your floor should refer to its safety data sheet that must be provided by the supplier (usually on request...). Without the name and brand of your nail polish, I can not determine its toxicity. Nowadays many manufacturers offer products that respect the health and the environment. There are two official eco-labels issued in France and in Europe: 'NF Environnement' and the 'Community Ecolabel', these certifications offer guarantees in particular on the VOC content (volatile organic compounds) and comply with a solid specification. The ideal would be to know which varnish your floor was covered and to check its composition and its risk of toxicity.

When in doubt, strongly ventilate the affected room by opening the windows several hours a day for a month. This should be sufficient to ensure the elimination of most of the VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

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