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As for the bulbs... The old ones are neither harmful in state nor to recycle, they radiate NOTHING that light and heat. If, in a thermally insulated place, we dissipate (in addition to heating) a certain amount of calories (Joule effect), if we add this quantity in this place, the room thermostat will cut the radiators... So we saved in heating what we lost in light output of the old bulb! QED. In the summer... we do not illuminate... or less... The electronics are prohibitively expensive compared to the old ones... the news... we have to recycle them... The heavy metals... we do not talk about them... The effects radiations INCONNUS either... COST TO BUY IS MUCH TOO HIGH... Operation is less safe and less enjoyable THAN MORE TO ABANDON THIS INCEPTION ??? We will always find all the incandescent bulbs on the web... And the fact of prohibiting the distribution is legally a practice forbidden which is called REFUSAL OF SALE... It is mine of coup de mueu!

I have not resisted the pleasure of publishing this BLOW OF GOOD that I am not far from sharing. Only point that is not taken into account: the waste of energy when we do not need heating... which happens at least 6 months of the year and whatever Marc-Aian says, it lights up all the same several hours not day.

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