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I have a ceiling with beams and between them wooden slats, all stained dark. I stuck DEPRON 6 mm between the beams. Can I spread the plaster on the Depron to finish well because the beams are not straight, and then make an acrylic paint

In principle, it would have been simpler, cheaper and safer to repaint directly the wooden slats. The space between the Depron and the beams can actually be filled with plaster, but the holding of the whole in time is not assured, especially if the upper floor is subject to vibration footsteps. Cracks and detachments are possible, the wooden ceiling, the Depron and the plaster do not expand in the same way.
You would better complete the day between the Depron and the beams with quarter-round sticks expanded polystyrene (so white) or wood, tinting the color of the beams...

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