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My boiler Chaffoteaux and Maury NECTRA 3.23 CF is making noise more and more in recent weeks. The person who does the maintenance of my boiler tells me that it is the heat exchanger that needs to be changed. How to be sure that this part is failing and what type of failure can this body of heating (scaling / breaking /...)? Thank you for your quick response to make the right decision and to know if I can repair the room myself or change it, see changing my boiler that is almost 20 years old?

With all the precautions of a remote description, it is probable that the diagnosis of the heating engineer is good. A boiler of 20 years today deserves to be changed.
Replacing the heater of a boiler if old is not logical, economically and in the long run, assuming that the room is still available.
The replacement, although a little more expensive, will be profitable in the long term, because of the reliability of a new boiler and consumptions logically smaller.

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