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The declaration attesting the completion and conformity of the work (DAACT) must be submitted to the town hall at the end of your work, if they have been subject to a building permit or a work declaration.

The declaration of end of construction is carried out when the works are finished

The declaration of end of construction is carried out when the works are finished

What is a declaration of completion?

You must declare the end of your work if they have been the subject of a building permit, a planning permit or a preliminary declaration of works.

Your statement of completion has several functions: to certify the end of the work, but also of the project conformity compared to the authorization granted to you. It must therefore contain several information, depending on the obligations you had to respect.

For example, you must attach an attestation of compliance with the accessibility rules, or an attestation of compliance with the specific technical standards. If it is a new construction, you must provide a certificate indicating compliance with the thermal regulations in force. These attestations are carried out by approved technical controllers.

How to make a declaration of end of construction?

Fill in the form Cerfa No. 13408 * 02 to declare the end of your work at the town hall. You must complete three copies. You can deposit them at the town hall, or send them by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

When should I make my declaration of completion?

Complete and submit your Declaration of Completion within 30 days of completion.

Good to know: you can be controlled

The administration can check the conformity of your work, within a period of 3 months from the receipt of your declaration of end of work (except special conditions).

If certain standards have not been respected, in relation to the building permit for example, you can be put in default and have the obligation to carry out the necessary works. In the worst case, you may be asked to demolish your building.

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