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The room is a place dedicated to rest, relaxation, homework but also games, especially for a boy. Here are some tips to carry out the deco of a boy's room. At once functional, comfortable, peaceful and pleasant, nothing should be left to chance!

Decoration for a boy's room

Decoration for a boy's room

Choose a theme for a boy's room

For the decoration of a boy's roomit is wise to choose a theme in line with the preferences of the "little wolf". Here, the choice is very wide but it is still essential to ask the opinion of the little boy: superhero, cartoon character, sky and stars, small cars... It must be kept in mind, however, that the child will grow up. His room must be able to evolve with his tastes. Thus, it is better not to choose a wallpaper with the image of heroes but opt ​​instead for objects or stickers or linens that will be easy to replace when the time comes.

Deco boy's bedroom: what color?

The choice of color dominant in a boy's room is not as easy as it seems. There is of course the inevitable blue that remains timeless. But there is also the white, the red or the gray which allow to create a more modern and contemporary atmosphere in the room. Among the trends of the moment, we find the light green which is perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere. It's a color that goes well with blue. Finally, there is also the white that brings a zen and soothing touch. It is even possible to bet on a total of look: all in white but with nuances (matt, satin, white...). The only problem is that the white is rather messy, especially in a child's room.

The furniture

Today, there is a very wide choice in furniture for a boy's room. The furniture is design and original.
Out the classic bed! Today we make room for models both practical and aesthetic. The bed shaped like a small car is a must which is the happiness of "little gentlemen". There is also the cabin that serves as a bed or the mezzanine that appeals to budding adventurers. Older children will appreciate the convenience of the elevated bed that houses an office and various storage spaces. To complete the decoration, we place here and there design objects such as a bedside lamp or beanbags. In any case, the room should not be overloaded so that the cleaning and vacuuming of the room is facilitated.

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