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The gipsy-inspired decor is a bohemian and ethnic style inspired by the hippie trend. Do not be afraid of colorful objects or kitsch, and dare a decor that mixes styles and invites to travel.

Furniture and materials of a gipsy-inspired decor

The gipsy-inspired decor is meant to be ethnic, which means that you should preferably turn to natural materialslike leather, wood, linen, rattan, etc. For this style of decoration, you can also give style objects basketry up to date, turning to baskets, chairs, mirrors, sconces and other braided accessories. Similarly, do not hesitate to put forward travel souvenirs, exotic colored objects that will give an exotic effect to your interior. The furniture will preferably solid wood, which you can leave blank or that you can ideally repaint in the color (s) of your choice.

Dare the colors for a gipsy-inspired decor

The gipsy-inspired decor is a real color cure, and colors particularly intense and deep. Do not forbid yourself and therefore opt without hesitation for fuchsia pink, red, orange, yellow, blue, and pair them together for a spicy and colorful result. On the other hand, make sure you choose the colors you want, focusing on one or two dominant colors so that the result remains harmonious and elegant.
Similarly, you can turn without problems to flowery patterns, stripes, or more graphic patterns for a patchwork effect, specific to this style of decoration.
You can decline these colors and patterns as well on the coverings as on the furniture and decorative objects, being careful not to overload the visual effect: so opt for decorative objects and why not sofas and armchairs with varied patterns, but prefer a white wall or on which you will put a solid color.

Objects to focus on a gipsy-inspired decor

Side objects of deco, you will not prohibit anything or almost, provided that these objects are preferably in natural matter and that the colors are tuned to that of the room. So you can turn to pillows floral and colored linen, braided objects, baskets, painted porcelain or terra-cotta jars, colorful poufs with exotic patterns, Oriental or Asian statuettes, pop-colored frames, etc.

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