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A cocooning decoration results in the search for a cozy comfort and a warm atmosphere. A decorative style that lends itself particularly to the winter period. Furniture, textiles, colors... easily make a cocooning lounge decor by following our tips.

Decorating salon cocooning

Decorating salon cocooning

How to create a cocooning decor in a living room?

Abundance of textiles
The fabric brings warmth to a living room. So for a very cocooning atmosphere, do not hesitate to adopt the knit stitch on your beanbags, the woolen plaid and the velvet cushions on the sofa.

  • Tip cocooning: false sheepskin installed on the ground.

Warm materials
We inevitably think of wood, since it is the warmest material! It is therefore suitable for your lounge decor cocooning atmosphere.

  • Tip cocooning: the floor in PVC imitation old parquet.

The cocooning furniture
To transform your living room into a real cocoon, choose furniture with rounded and enveloping shapes.

  • Cocooning tip: the classic leather sofa, with armrests.

A bright atmosphere
A cocooning lounge is also a well-lit lounge. Divide your lights in the room and decorate it with pretty candles.

  • Tip cocooning: a floor lamp extra cozy spirit.

Deco cocooning, what colors for a living room?

Neutral and soft colors:

  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Mole
  • White

The soft colors immediately accentuate the enveloping effect of a cocooning decor and give a lounge a Scandinavian feel. Easily associated with the blond woods, they favor a soft and warm atmosphere.

The dark and enveloping colors

  • Very dark gray
  • Midnight blue
  • Black

For an effect "chic boudoir", opt for darker colors, but in the living room, paint only one piece of wall in one of its tones to avoid a narrow effect and a loss of brightness. Textiles and dark furniture to create your cozy atmosphere.

Pastel colors:

  • Powdery pink
  • Almond green
  • Yellow chick

Long regarded as the prerogative of spring and summer, pastel colors are now very popular for their effect peps and good mood, even in the coldest winter. In a cocooning atmosphere, use them in small touches for a subtle lounge decor.

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