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Want a holiday and freshness? Discover the deco style seaside, which will allow you to recreate a pleasant and exotic marine atmosphere.

A seaside style decor

A seaside style decor

Deco style seaside: light colors!

If you want a successful seaside style decor, you must carefully choose the colors of your flooring, furniture and decorating accessories. So, banish dark colors and choose only bright and clear colors such as white, light gray, shades of blue, beige or yellow. You have to choose up to three colors per piece and respect this color code when you integrate a new item. For example, white walls that may or may not have a blue frieze, beige furniture, and decorative elements that will respect these two main colors.

The patterns that will decorate your cushions, curtains, decorative objects and other friezes will have to remind you the marine universeso choose cushions with fish patterns, or stripes that will remind you of this marine world. On the other hand, do not overload the decoration in patterns of any kind: the deco style seaside must remain subtle and refined, do not ask a wallpaper completely scratched or a couch covered with fish: these reasons must be arranged in small notes at every corner of your home, in a discreet and elegant way.

Natural materials for a seaside style decor

The seaside style decor obviously requires the use of natural materials. Thus, furniture such as the table, chairs and storage furniture (sideboard, cupboards, shelves, etc.) must be in drinks rawwhy with an aged look. You can opt for a sofa and cushions in linen, not to mention the additional lighting arranged on wooden bases or the braided suspensions, glass containers.

Bet on the accessories of deco seaside

The seaside style decor requires you to store decorative objects in each room of your home, respecting both the color code and the theme of your decor. So, you will have to install the inevitable table representing a seascape, but you can also put pebbles and other shells by small note in your home, as well as candles and other objects striped way marinière. Finally, if you want to push the decor to its peak, you can even predict the installation of an aquarium.

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