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For a total "So British" look or a little touch, give your English cottage style a British touch. All the pieces can lend themselves to this tendency where softness, comfort and elegance are harmonized perfectly.

An English cottage style decor

An English cottage style decor

Furniture, smart and cozy

All you need is a few well-arranged pieces of furniture to get a an English cottage style decor. We mainly choose wooden furniture with clear and natural colors, white is particularly welcome. Small country touches such as wire netting on the doors of the furniture or on a library immediately bring a chalet style. In the living room, we install a comfortable sofa with a wooden structure, a fabric and natural colors and in the room a Club chair placed in a corner of the room will be the most beautiful effect.

In general, the design of the furniture should be classic and rustic, even if the furniture is not English style originally, it is possible to the makeover by repainting a honey or white color.

What decor for a British cottage?

This is the playful part of the decor: find objects and find them a place to give the interior the English cottage charm. A cozy country atmosphere is obtained by giving various cushions on the sofa and armchairs as well as large plaids placed casually on the backs. The carpets and curtains a little thick give a warm atmosphere, placemats or tablecloths in natural design bring a touch vintage countryside.

On the accessories side, we move towards paintings with family portraits, hunting scenes or forest scenes, objects in wood or porcelain such as the collections of English plates to hang, wicker baskets, pegs, door hangers umbrellas, mats... To perfect the atmosphere, a floral touch with large bouquets can bring freshness and natural.

English colors and patterns

Gaudy colors and overly modern patterns are to be banned absolutely to succeed in its English cottage style decor. On the contrary, we choose rather soft, pastel, natural colors such as white, light blue, honey-like brown, green, gray... The natural and a little old materials agree well with this type of color. In the specialized shops or in shopping, one can find real treasures which agree with this type of design.

The floral or animal motifs and in particular the Liberty style are perfectly adapted to the English country decoration. By harmonizing clear plain tones and the pastoral theme, we get a chic and cozy, totally British effect.

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