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The Memphis style is a type of decoration that made the fury during the 1980s and today it is back in force and surf on the wave "deco trend". It is characterized by a festival of warm colors and various original combinations for a pep's and multi-vitamins interior! What are the specificities of this decoration and how to invite it to your home?

A profusion of materials and colors

A Memphis decor is recognizable by associations that are quite unexpected, but beautiful stylized effect and design. This decor is based on an explosion of colors while combining sometimes explosive materials without forgetting the heterogeneous forms, the motto being "originality".

The Memphis movement was born on the impulse of the Italian Ettore Sottsass (who died in 2007), a training designer with a strong penchant for pop art. We are then at the beginning of the 1980s and the wish of this artist is to bring a little pep to the Italian design that he finds a little too rigid, too wise. This is how he founds Memphis group »And unveils his first furniture« multicolored In 1981. We then find a decor with a good dose of irony and humor, breaking the codes of the time. This is the Memphis movement that has just been born and will be in vogue for almost a decade.

Originality, extravagance and dynamism for a design interior

The trend launched by Ettore Sottsass and his team - which is made up of designers, designers and architects - in the early 1980s is now back on the scene. Once again, we find Memphis style codes who advocates excess and the unusual. Materials, colors and shapes are then married incongruously.

Thus, the wood mixes with the glass, the stripes alongside the peas, the geometric shapes play with the curves... Any association of color is welcome: we can even find more than three tones on the same object!

If the associations are rather unexpected, the result brings a touch of dynamism, enhanced by the geometric patterns. The colorful and unstructured prints are everywhere: household linens (patterned sheets for example), cushions, chairs and stools as well as sofas, lamps, shelves, furniture, but also tiles and wallpapers.

In the end, the interior is "vitamin", with a cocooning side. In any case, the colors are bold and the decorative accessories display a design often surprising. A Memphis style decor is particularly suitable for those who want Bring originality and a touch of unconventionality to their decor.

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