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Faced with the waste and standardization of products sold in commerce, it is very likely to turn to recycling or the "homemade" to make his decor. And this is understandable, because this new orientation has many advantages: economic, ecological and aesthetic, decorative objects and recycling DIY have a bright future.

Decoration: the recycling and DIY trend, here flowers in hanging jars

Decoration: the recycling and DIY trend, here flowers in hanging jars

Do it yourself, a trend that is all the rage

Impossible to escape, the Internet is full of tutorials, videos and blogs to explain how stylize objects that we thought good for the trash or for create your own decor.

For economic reasons or as part of an eco-responsible approach, the trend "Do it yourself" becomes a real way of life. The return of the vintage has further enhanced the success and all the creative leisure shops have also facilitated the acting out of many amateurs of the " handmade " who feared the manual side of the discipline.

In deco it's simple, do not throw anything!

The paper that surrounds a bouquet, the unwrapped gift wrap, the boxes, the ribbons, the pieces of cloth... everything can be used. Make flea markets, browse the garage sales, visit the sites of opportunity or gifts of objects... it is not the hidden treasures that are missing at very low prices or free. A little paint, wool, accessories found in the shops of creative hobbies or bazaars and all that remains is to retype the objects to make decorative accessories.

Recycle style and DIY, a unique cachet

When you like the vintage, industrial and objects that have a history, nothing like to dig into recycling and DIY. Can not fall on the same thing in someone else, this type of decor is unique and personalized and is not found in major stores. Another advantage, the standard does not fit everywhere so make his own objects, it is the assurance of finding the right dimensions, the right materials and the right color.

Recover '& Diy, it's also a philosophy of life...

La recu, we knew, there have always been little geniuses to revive abandoned objects but DIY or Do it yourself is a fairly recent trend that is a true philosophy and a desire to wish to consume otherwise. Moreover, this appellation is not only about decoration but also music, culture, jewelery and clothing creation, crafts, children's activities, etc... It's a real art of life that aims to goal valorize recycling and to reject the consumerist society. But no need to go so far, you can create just for fun.

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