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The new pantone color "Yellow Minion" is entering our homes. Give your interior the good humor conveyed by the hilarious little characters from the cartoon "Me, Moche et Méchant", at the origin of this new hue. Discover in this article how to make a yellow Minion decoration in your home.

A yellow decoration Minions

A yellow decoration Minions

Yellow Minion: Pantone's new vitamin color

The skin color of the Minions, famous little characters coming out of Universal Pictures studios, is now in the catalog of Pantone brand. The European leader in the paint market collaborated with the film team to create theMinion yellow».

The Yellow Minion invites itself in the middle of the interior decoration and the Pantone color chart is enriched with a vitamin and luminous color.

A tone that must represent the smallest creatures, a yellow like no other who surf on the trend of theoptimism, of jovial, of the good mood and energy.

How to use the yellow Minion in my decor?

  • For a soft but rich decoration: a sober background (light gray, off-white...) enhanced by some touches of Yellow Minion themselves associated with hues of the same intensity.
  • The yellow and blue as complementary colors: the yellow Minion is easily associated with the shades of blue since they are opposed on the chromatic circle. The combination of these two hues creates a dynamic space.
  • The yellow Minion is a attractive color and therefore perfect to emphasize the architecture of the room. Do not hesitate to use it to put the specificities of the space forward (windows, doors...).

Minions objects to enhance your decor

Enhancing the decoration of a room a little too neutral does not necessarily pass through the painting. For all those who are not great fans of fully colored walls, it is also possible to play on the decorative elements to brighten the space.

In order to bring this touch of good humor allowed by the Yellow Minion, opt for decorative objects in the same shade:

  • bedside lamps, picture frame, curtain or blinds, cushions...
  • furniture (example: a yellow armchair Minion enthroned in the middle of the living room next to your black leather sofa)
  • soft toys and minions figurines.

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