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Why limit your Christmas decoration inside your home? Marvel your family and each passer-by by creating an outdoor decoration in the spirit of Christmas! Learn how to decorate a balcony for Christmas in this article.

Decorate a balcony for Christmas

Decorate a balcony for Christmas

Christmas lights for a balcony

  • The candle is traditionally associated with Christmas night. Garden candle holder, candles poured into a verrine or terracotta pot... there are many candle models available for outdoor use.
  • In window frames or wrapped around a guardrail, garlands are a practical and economical way to make a pretty Christmas decoration on a balcony. Flashing garland, bulbs in the shape of stars, stalactites or multicolored balls... there is a great diversity of light garlands.
  • Shooting stars, barley sugars, snowman... you will have no trouble embellishing your Christmas decor of a multitude of small bright subjects. Not to mention the iconic Christmas figures that are Santa, his reindeer and his sleigh, designed using light pipes.

Trick: so you do not get a hint of electricity too salty to your taste, favor illuminations with LED bulbs.

Make your Christmas decoration for a balcony

In addition to the bright decorations, the balcony can accommodate a multitude of decorative objects with bright colors (to be visible).

  • Hang your Christmas balls on your balcony;
  • Post your Christmas topics on a small garden table;
  • Decorate your outdoor chairs with fir garlands or colored knots...

To note: however, avoid too fragile objects (glass, for example) and opt for decorations in wood or plastic, much more resistant to bad weather.

If your balcony hosts various ornamental plants, do not hesitate to decorate with garlands, Christmas balls, wool pompons and fake gift packages...

If there are no plants on your balcony, enjoy the holidays to add some greenery. Crown of holly, pine cones stained with silver or gold, fir branches attached to window sills... You could even double here your Christmas tree.

Video Instruction: Christmas Lighting For Your Apartment or Condo Balcony