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For a birthday party, it's time for joy and good mood. The decoration of the house must reflect this state of mind. To create a festive atmosphere, nothing must be left to chance. Today, the deco trend is in colors through playful accessories without forgetting the surprise menus.

Choose an anniversary theme

Before embarking on the decoration of his house, it's better to first choose a theme. The atmosphere takes into account the personality, age, tastes and character of the person.

If it is a child, the choice is quite easy. In general, little boys appreciate superheroes while girls have a penchant for princesses and fairy tales.

Side colors, we often choose for blue for the first and for the pink for the seconds. Nevertheless, it is still possible to break standards and adopt a more original decoration. It is then necessary to learn about the favorite cartoons of the "little prince" or the "little princess", or on the universes which fascinate him (the comic strip, the sewing, the soccer, the sports, the dance, the robots...). And why not organize a treasure hunt?

If it is an adult, the deco choice is broader and also more difficult to define. It is therefore wise to rely on one's preferences and his hobbies: the sport? The fashion? Books? The movie theater? The music? Animals? We must then rely on this universe to create a decoration that will no doubt please him. The theme can then be scattered through the house in different ways: colors, pictures, decorative objects, stickers, assorted goodies (glasses, plates, balloons, hats...).

Decorate your home for a birthday party: accessories

The list of objects to complete a birthday deco is very long, so long that everyone can create a hyper personalized atmosphere.

Side accessories, do not hesitate to be original. In addition to garlands and balloons, one can also opt for lanterns multiple colors that can be made by yourself. To place touches of color, we can place ribbons, rattan balls, feathers, flower petals or small crystals, to disseminate throughout the room. However, be careful not to overload so as not to suffocate the atmosphere or space.

And when one is clever with his hands, there are a multitude of sites and videos tutorials to create oneself decorative objects to paint, to model, to personalize, to sew... Everyone to imagine a decor that sticks to the most close to the personality of one who will celebrate another year!

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