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Do you have a small decor budget? To create a nice trendy decoration, worthy of magazines, it is not necessary to invest a lot. Some simple tips to decorate a house for cheap...

Decorate a house for cheap

Decorate a house for cheap

The basics of a cheap decor

When the decor budget is rather limited, it is quite possible to make style with almost nothing. There are many tips: surfaces can be customized with stickers or with some judicious strokes of paint. In the same way, we can give a second life to old furniture by customizing them. For a beautiful and original decoration, do not hesitate to opt for a linen fancy house: original colors and patterns add cachet to the space.

The stickers on the walls

To create an original decor for cheap, nothing better than wall stickers with which you can create original and personalized atmospheres. To create a zen atmosphere, the walls are adorned with nature stickers, with flowers or trees.

For a design interior, the stickers are more modern and ethnic and come in different styles. geometric or graphic forms.

And there are of course the models that are specifically intended for children's rooms: fairies, hearts and flowers for a princess room, and superheroes and cars for a boy's room. The choice is made taking into account the theme chosen for the piece.

We often see them on the walls, but the stickers can also customize the furniture and the doors, to give a blow of pep's but also to hide defects and imperfections. Very easy to install and inexpensive to buy, these stickers are available in many colors and patterns. The sticker is ideal for decorating a house for cheap.

The mind recovers it's trend

Very economical when you are creative and clever of his hands, opt for the recycle trend. Whether broken furniture or repainting, shelves, wooden pallets, curtains, clothes, objects, everything is repairable or transformable. A stroke of paint, some nails and a little imagination can give a second life to piles of objects, it is trendy and cheap.

Cheap decorative accessories

Finally, for a custom decoration without breaking the bank, decorative accessories can make all the difference. Once again, it is not necessary to go to a trendy shop to find happiness. We must then go in search of good plans, balances, liquidations or destocking. There are also factory outlets that offer unbeatable rates.

Precisely, to find the lowest prices, there is the purchase on the Internet which is full of good deals (sites between individuals, donation sites, private sales). And do not forget the opportunity market or garage sales where you can find real treasures at low prices.

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