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Main difficulty when it comes to choosing a wall covering for your bathroom: deal with the humidity of the room. Earthenware, wallpaper, paint, paneling... discover in this article what you can do to decorate the walls of a bathroom without risking disaster.

Decorate the walls of a bathroom

Decorate the walls of a bathroom

Traditional earthenware as a bathroom wallcovering

Faience is traditionally used to decorate bathroom walls. The reason for its success being both practical and aesthetic.

Waterproof and resistant, the faience also offers many decoration possibilities (tiles with multiple shapes, patterns and colors).

In addition, tiles are an ideal solution for children's bathrooms, as they protect the wall from splashing and are easy to maintain.

Decorate the walls of a bathroom: painting

Moisture is omnipresent in the bathroom, painting seems a priori a risky choice to decorate the walls of this room.

Yet it is entirely possible to opt for a very colorful look in the bathroom, with a special focus on new water-resistant paints.

Bright colors and flashy or soft and soothing, these paintings now offer a wide choice of colors, able to meet all desires.

The wallpaper in the bathroom. Possible?

Yes, today it is possible to put wallpaper on the walls of the bathroom.

It will however be necessary to be confined to the only model able to resist the humidity of this piece: the vinyl wallpaper, whose PVC layer gives it impermeability and resistance.

The wallpaper has nothing of a strangeness in the bathroom, since it is no longer likely to deteriorate, curl or peel off.

Paneling as a bathroom wall covering

The paneling in a bathroom is primarily a decorative bias at a time Zen and exotic.

But it is also a good solution to protect the walls from humidity.

However, it is preferable to choose a panel with a PVC coating that is more resistant to splashing water and is easier to maintain than a classic wood paneling.

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