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Fed up with plain walls that look dull? To transform interior decoration, different alternatives are possible, one can customize the walls using stencils. These decorative accessories are perfect for expressing your imagination and the range of patterns and colors is wide.

Decorate a wall with stencils

Decorate a wall with stencils

Customize your walls!

The use of stencils allows to brighten the walls in a simple and original way. For decorate a wall with stencils, the principle is simple: we fix an adhesive on the wall, we paint over it with the desired colors then we remove the adhesive. We can then admire a drawing, shapes or an image whose contours are precise and well drawn. No need to be a champion of drawing to create beautiful visuals and thanks to the stencil everyone can reveal his creativity according to his tastes and in harmony with the existing interior decor.

Here is the other important advantage of stencils: when you want to change the scenery, just paint over and voila.

A stencil custom decor

The stencils can be used to beautify any room in the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom. The choice of patterns and visual effects depends on each piece and the decoration you want to create.

For children's rooms, you can paint animals, cartoon characters, stars or even super heroes. And for princess rooms we opt for flowers, fairies, hearts, butterflies...

In the kitchen, flowers, mosaics, aromatic garden pots, stacked coffee cups or large letters are waiting for you. To decorate the living room, there are stencils in the form of wall friezes with flowers, bamboos, arabesques, graffiti styles or geometric or spiral shapes. It is very trendy to associate stencil and sticky sticker, for example bamboo on a wall with stencilled floral motifs, ideal to create a zen atmosphere in a room.

Note that it is quite possible to create your own stencils taking care to use cardboard or thick paper, in the spirit of "do it yourself" or the art of DIY.

How to use stencils?

Before applying the stencil, make sure that the surface is clean and clean. Then you have to have the stencils very precise and make sure they are well fixed.

Once the stencils are secure, you can proceed with the painting. To prevent it from overflowing, the paint must have a texture that is not too liquid. The application can be done at sponge, with a brush or with an aerosol can as for graffiti. For a degraded effect, it is possible to paint in two stages. First with the light color to apply on the entire stencil. Then with a darker tone to use small keys to operate the most beautiful effect.

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