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The meticulousness of the realization is essential in the installation of these elements, whose raison d'être is decoration. In particular, be careful not to break up the patterns of the moldings.

How to glue cornices to the wall

To decorate a ceiling with cornices adorned with ornaments, you must use different types of moldings, depending on whether you place them on the corners or sides of the room.
These categories consist of an ornamental-free linear molding, a molding with the main motif intended to be placed in the center of each wall, and finally a molding provided with a recessed angle ornament, which must to be cut.
Regarding the outgoing angle, if there is any, it will not include decoration and will be made with the molding without decor.

pattern of laying a decorative molding

The drawing above shows the different moldings to use as well as the order in which they must be placed:
1The molding with the main motif must be placed first. Position it precisely in the center of the wall.
2The recessed corner molding is then placed after being cut with the miter box.
3To connect these two moldings, use the molding without decor, cut to the right size.
It will also be used in case of outgoing angle.

Take the measurements to stick a cornice

Measure the difference in length between the wall and the molding, and postpone half of each side.

Cut of the cornice to the dimensions of the wall

Cut each corner molding at a right angle in the middle, then cut it to the actual angle of the wall.

Decorate the corners of walls with cornices

All incoming angles thus have a centered and equal ornament.
Connect with unadorned moldings.

Healing details and cuts

Cutting detail of a cornice

When the molding is ornamented, measure the distance between two patterns and place it on the wall.

Cut the cornice to dimensions

Cut the molding between the patterns identically, to obtain an adjusted angle joint.

Collage of cut cornices

Lay the moldings.
If the pattern is started, remove a portion of the cutter and smooth with glue.

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