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Originally, the picture rails, placed at the height of a chair back, protected the wall. They have kept a little old look that suits old houses.

Laying of chair rails on a wall

The decoration of the walls consists on the ground of a baseboard and half-height of a horizontal rail. Between the two, finer picture rails draw a frame.

  • Above all, make a precise and neat preparatory drawing.
  • Record the measurements of the wall on a sheet, then draw the pattern to achieve.
  • Make several options by varying heights and proportions.
  • The chair rail is usually 90 cm from the floor, but it is possible to change this dimension to align it to a window sill or furniture.
  • When the correct assembly is found, draw it on the wall.

Draw the benchmarks of walls on the wall

Using rulers, bubble levels or laser guides, carefully place the design of the decoration on the wall.

Glue the walls

Glue the back of the chair rail generously and place it on the wall, if necessary by nailing it.

Cross the walls

For the frame, measure the dimensions on the wall and cut the rounded corners as needed.

Cut the chopsticks

Cut out the elements and then go blank to check the cuts and angles.

To assemble the elements of a picture rail and to stick

Glue the various pieces of picture rail that make up the ornamental frame.

Glue, let dry and sand the walls

Place the final assembly on the wall.
Finish the joints with glue.
Leave to dry for 8 hours, sand if necessary.

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