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Want to create an original interior out of the ordinary? Then place the creativity and fantasy to compose an unusual decoration, but authentic, and especially who looks like you. For a deco original and unusual houses, the ideas are many, here are some...

Decoration for an original and unusual house

Decoration for an original and unusual house

Play with colors

Every room in a house can become "original": the bedroom, the living room, but also the kitchen and the bathroom. To create a unique interior, marry colors! This goes through the cushions, the linens, the furniture, the objects of decoration but also painting the walls. Exactly, at the walls, we can add stripes of different colors, a degraded coating, friezes, stickers... to completely transform the atmosphere in a room without having to make big changes. You can also play with two different tones on a wall or on window frames with a color that contrasts with the rest of the room.

However, watch out for tastings! To avoid mixtures "cacophonic" and non-harmonious, it is possible to consult deco sites on the internet or seek advice from a professional decorator. One can also make tests via a house plan software which allows to draw and imagine to infinity the decoration of the pieces in 3D.

The grounds are partying

For a deco original and unusual houses, the most unexpected reasons are at the rendezvous. The choice is wide: graphic prints, dots, stripes, animals, objects... everyone can express their fantasies and their tastes. Moreover, we can find these representations everywhere in the room: on the walls, the linen, the furniture but also the carpet, even the carpet.

Be careful, even if the decoration is original, it does not mean that we can afford everything. It is essential to harmonize the different elements of the piece: these must obey a "theme" director to avoid a discordant or confused result. It remains quite possible to play the contrast card, while making sure to keep some overall coherence.

A message to pass?

In the register of unusual styles, there is also the decoration that wants to pass a state of mind, a thought, a green concept... Words, phrases and expressions embellish the whole room, whether through stickers, printed on linens, paintings, on the walls or on the floor. It can be city names, qualifiers, quotes, lyrics, artist names...

Divert objects from their original function

For a decoration out of the ordinary, we find unexpected lamps, vases incongruous shapes not to mention the soap dishes (and other accessories unavoidable in the house) unpublished. A boot acts as a vase while the coat racks are shaped like hands. The shelves become transparent, giving the impression that the objects they support are floating in the air. We play with recovered objects that are transformed (shelves, shoe boxes, boxes, fabrics...), to each its inspiration!

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